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Car Insurance for US Military Personnel

USA has lots and lots of services you can rent. But together with each service companies like to sell their bloody insurances. If we are honest, insurances are for the best. At first you get an idea of payment for nothing but believe us, when the time comes, and if it does, you are very lucky to be insured under a good insurance plan. Each plan has its own limitation, condition, provisions, exclusions and specifics. You might want to consider them before you make a purchase. Where can you always collect the information that will help you go further with the insurance? You can find it either from an agent in the company or online.


Military personnel often have to adjust to a quick change of plans. Maybe you are deployed. Maybe you are just transferred to a new base. No matter what the reason, your primary concern is your family.

Unfortunately, the little nagging concerns like insurance need to be dealt with as well. If you're leaving family behind, you have to make sure that they are covered and the payments get in on time. If you are single, you'll have to either cancel your insurance or arrange payment while you're gone.

At least, that's what you thought.

Some insurance companies actually have special policies for military men and women, and their vehicles of course.

Readying Your Information

There is some basic information companies will need to know from you.


They are going to need to know if you are listed as active, reserved, or retired.

Time of Duty

If you know when you will be out of the country on active duty and when you or someone else will be using the vehicle, insurance providers will want to know.

Risks and Disasters

If you are going to be driving in another part of the world or country, make sure you get coverage for specific risks, like tornadoes, hurricanes, monsoon, typhoon, earth quakes, fires, floods, volcanoes, and even vandalism.


Like any other insurance, you will need to know how high a deductible you are willing to pay. Remember, the higher you can go, the lower your premiums will be. Just make sure to set the deductible money aside for when you need it.

Special Skills and Abilities

If you have specific training when it comes to driving, don't hesitate to let the insurer know. Mark down any special training or programs you have participated in and be prepared to provide a certificate or some kind of proof. You may get a discount.

Emergency Deployment Clause

If there is a chance that you'll be deployed all of a sudden, you should find an insurer that has something called an emergency deployment clause. With one of these, you will have a set special arrangement to sort out what happens to your insurance policy if you are deployed or transferred to another state or country. You may be able to terminate the policy with no penalty.

If you are planning on storing the vehicle should you be deployed, make sure you have covered storage. This may save you money on car insurance as well.

Finding a Provider

Military personnel have the special option of using a dedicated military company for their insurance. One such company is the Government Employees Insurance Company, which has special coverage-including car insurance-for military combat personnel and other employees. These dedicated companies will be able to offer lower rates and more flexibility. However, it is still worth checking around to see if you can save any more money.

Start by getting some free quotes. Just use these quotes as guidelines about who has the cheapest prices. You are still going to have to do some calling around if you want to make sure you really get the best deal. Give the cheapest companies a ring and ask about military pricing.

As it should be, America's best get the best deals on car insurance.

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