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Cheaper auto insurance quotes by enforcing the mandate

People are quick to criticize countries where money changes hands when it comes to making laws. This is third world corruption and we shake our heads sadly that locals should routinely fall victim to the private interests of the wealthy who can buy the votes. Where is democracy? we cry. Why can't the voters throw all these criminals out of power and vote in a new crew who will be honest and incorruptible? In this, we tend to overlook the fact that the same thing happens here through the lobbying industry. It's just a little less obvious, but no less certain in allowing the wealthy to get their own way most of the time. So now is the time to make a quick survey of what's going on in the states and how this affects you.


Let's start off in New Hampshire. The first question is whether the design standards in modern vehicles make annual safety checks unnecessary. If you said, "yes", you are with the thirty states that do not require any safety checks. The theory seems to be responsible drivers maintain their vehicles and are not a hazard on the roads. If there's an accident, they pay more for their insurance - it's a stick and carrot approach to social responsibility except it forces up the premium rates for all drivers. In states where there are annual checks, vehicles are better maintained, there are fewer accidents, and drivers pay lower rates. New Hampshire has just decided to move from one to two-year inspections. Now there will be thousands more vehicles on the road with poor brakes and defective front ends. Guess what will happen to the premium rates.

In Mississippi, there's a bill to enforce the mandate by requiring drivers to produce proof of insurance before the tax collector issues a tag. Governor Haley Barbour is currently considering whether the new database will be open to the police to check the status of all drivers. If he does sign this bill into law, it will potentially reduce everyone's insurance premium rates. The more people are forced into paying for the basic minimum liability policy, the less the law-abiding people will pay.

In New Brunswick, the Insurance Board is refusing to release a report into whether local insurers have been overcharging drivers for the last seven years. The lawmakers established an arms-length board in 2004 but, for some reason, they are less than enthusiastic about forcing disclosure of this board's investigation. In the meantime, New Brunswickers continue to pay higher than average premium rates.

The world should be a simple place to understand. If this is a democracy, we should elect people who will do their best to ensure the majority of the people benefit from the laws they make. Except the federal government prefers to run a massive deficit instead of increasing the tax rates for the wealthy. When it comes to insurance, there should always be laws aimed at producing cheaper car insurance rates for the majority. If this means the minority may have to start paying something or pay a little more, that's worth doing because, in the long term, everyone benefits. We are all entitled to lower auto insurance quotes.

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